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Love Locks

From Paris, New York, Moscow and our very own Mandurah, Love Locks can be found in there thousands, lining the bridges of no less than 73 cities all over the world. The tradition goes; that lovers inscribe their name on a padlock, lock it on their portion of bridge and ceremoniously throw away the key, symbolizing their eternal love.

In keeping with this global tradition, the council unveiled a designated railing at the end of the Mandurah boardwalk in 2015. It has since become a tradition for visitors to grab a parcel of fish and chips from Cicerello’s and walk down the boardwalk to take a look for themselves.

But where did this tradition come from and who started it? Some believe that it started in Paris on the iconic Pont de Arts Bridge, but it seems love got too heavy for the structure to hold up any longer. In June 2015 the government enforced a law against affixing any type of lock on the bridge. The weight of the locks was estimated to be the equivalent of 20 elephants and thus posed a structural hazard to this historic landmark.

These recent events increased speculation as to where this phenomenon originated and all fingers point to Serbia, in the town of Vrnjacka Banja. It is said that a couple called Nada and Relja were separated during WWII when Relja was enlisted in the army. While Nada pledged to stay devoted, the story goes that Relja fell in love with another woman on the front lines and Nada died of a broken heart. In a tribute to Nada, local girls that heard their story began the padlock tradition on the bridge that Nada and Relja once spent their time; in the hopes of avoiding the same fate befalling them, by symbolically securing their love.  

Luckily for us, the infrastructure of the Mandurah railing was specifically designed for partners to lock their love to their hearts content. You can purchase a lock at any of the nearby stores and take part in this world-renowned tradition along our very own Mandurah Boardwalk.